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As a business, we believe in providing the most appropriate product to suffice the clients need. That's exactly what Linea Properties did by finding us the office space we just wanted at the right place & for the right price. Our wishes to them and their exceptional service.

Excutive Produces, Orama

I am pleased to confirm that "Linea property" a Real Estate Agent has successfully found a Tenant for our Property at Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 5I would recommend any house owner wanting to rent/lease out to his/her Apartment/House to seek the assistance of "Linea property".They are reliable and efficient in their Business Activities.

Excutive Produces, Orama

Excellent service - dedicated personnelCommitted to a professional appraoch for lessor/lessee transactionRecommend the team to prospective clients

Rishard Rizmy,
Excutive Produces, Orama